Nutcase Helmets

Nutcase Helmets is not your everyday (boring) helmet company. Nutcase is a zany Portland helmet company producing helmets as unique as the people who wear them.

The problem: Nutcase had yet to establish a place or voice in the moto sector and had minimal experience in this particular market.

Our goal: Develop a cross-channel creative campaign for the new Moto line that can be implemented on the Nutcase website, as well as various social media platforms, to drive traffic to the online store.

Our solution: A companion. A consumer to drive the product and image. Someone who feels that Nutcase MOTO is their soul mate; someone excited to explore the new world of MOTO with.

The media to the left includes elements from our campaign pitch presentation: a launch strategy turned (unconventional) storybook romance.

Stacey Katlain: Creative Director, Alex Agan: Copywriter, Connor Corr: Account Executive, Lauren Foote: Media Planner, Zachary Yanello: Strategist